Thursday, 5 July 2012

Heya :)
I saw this person who i have had a long and bad history of pain and saddness with...and it made me think of all the words i would love to say to the people who have hurt or betrayed i decided to do a post where i want all of you to write the things that you would say to someone who hurt you like a lover,friend,family or anyone..even your boss at work or teacher at school :)
Here's Mine:
I'm angery at you, why? because your a heartless fool! Why would you do that to me? Heck i trusted you and this is what i get...a deep sense of mistrust to anyone..because of you! Melodramatic freak! I wish i could cut you like you cut me..shattering my dreams into pieces and throwing them away...Next time i'll be bravier...I'll be my own savior!
Be Back Soon

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